Trailer Towing Tips and Safety

Please understand, a trailer's tires and suspension are not as heavy-duty, nor as refined as your vehicle's.

A trailer's tires are often smaller than your vehicle tires and the suspension much more basic, which will make the trailer much more susceptible to damage from rough roads.  Avoid driving into potholes, over curbs, driving off the edge of the road and etc.

In addition, a trailer's tires are often operating near their maximum capacity of weight.  Driving for several hours, especially with higher speeds, can build up excessive heat, causing fatigue and eventual tire failure.

For this reason, we strongly encourage driving at moderate speeds, under 65 mph.  If the tire rim is bent, suspension damaged, or we determine excessive speeds caused a tire failure; you will be charged for all expenses related to the incident.

You are responsible to keep all items securely fastened to the trailer.

Boat Trailers; a boat trailer is often operating near capacity with only the boat on the trailer. Also, the boat is only supported by narrow strips of wood. 

For these reasons, you may not use the boat to transport your coolers, camping gear and etc.

Because boat trailers have their wheels submerged in water at the launch ramp there is an increased risk of wheel bearing failure. When you stop for fuel/rest stop feel the trailer hubs. They may have some heat, but if you need to yank your hand back because of the heat, you should get to a service shop as soon as possible.

A tip for reversing a trailer: if you place your hand at the bottom of your steering wheel and move it to the right, the trailer will go to the right, if you move your hand to the left, the trailer will go to the left.

Security Deposits and Cancellation Fees ;
 Security Deposits are a part of the rental business. Security Deposits and Rental Rates are subject to quotes at time of rental. Renter is responsible for all repair or replacement costs exceeding the security deposit unless Renter has purchased Damage Waiver (See FAQ's for info on Damage Waiver). No security deposits are released at the moment of return of the rental item(s). All security deposits are released when your rental is processed within the next 3 business days. Dependent on whom you bank with, it may take 4 - 5 business days after we process your rental for your deposit to be released.   

   A credit/debit card is needed for reservation on all rentals. Because of the high demand short season of our rentals, there are cancellation fees on all reserved rentals. Cancellation fees are based on proximity to the reservation dates and the demand for those particular dates. Because we have a short season for rentals, there is no "grace" period. There are no exceptions made for inclement weather or rescheduling. The minimum cancellation fee is $25 and may be as high as half the reserved rental. Note; cancellations for powerboats, jet skis, and ATVs are always half the reserved rental.
  There are no refunds for early returns without 48 hrs notice. Even with a 48 hr notice, a refund is still subject to the level of demand we had for those dates.
  Late Return Fees; In the rental business, Time is of the essence. All rental fees are based on TIME OUT, not time used. We can not rent an item to someone else if you still have it, regardless if you are using it or not. Therefore we charge late return fees and loss of income if we lose the next rental, due to a late return.

  All rents, sales tax, and security deposits are prepaid at time of pickup. 

Notice; Please make certain the wiring on your tow vehicle is in working order before arriving for your rental. We don't mind using a tester on your wiring, replacing a fuse for you, or supplying a ground jumper wire if needed, however, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee if we spend more than ten minutes attempting to repair your vehicle wiring.

On items requiring a trailer brake controller, we have a portable one for rent if you do not have one in your vehicle. To power our portable controller, you will need a 7RV receptacle with the AUX 12V terminal having 12 volts, when the ignition key is "on" as referenced in the picture below.

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The Rental Process      (How to Reserve and What to Expect. How to Avoid Extra Charges.)

     All reservations are done by phone with your credit/debit card information. All phone calls are recorded to ensure accuracy.  By making a reservation you agree to be bound by our cancellation policy.
    New Policy; Reservations made for jet skis, powerboats, and ATVs will have 50% of the rental charged to your card at the time of reservation. This is a non-refundable deposit which will be applied to your rental.

For all other rentals, there is no charge applied to your card until point of rental, unless you cancel your reservation. 
    Short notice reservations; Because there is preparation time involved with each rental, we may be unable to accommodate short notice reservations. It is best to schedule at least 24hrs in advance. All our rentals require preparation time.
    When you arrive to get your rental item, we will request to photocopy your driver's license, and your vehicle registration and insurance cards.Please be sure you have a current (not expired) vehicle insurance card with you. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO PROVE THE VEHICLE YOU ARE USING HAS CURRENT LIABILITY INSURANCE. At the time of pickup, you have the option of paying the rental amount with cash or a credit/debit card, however, the Security Deposit must be held on a credit/debit card. If you choose to pay the rental amount with cash, we may offer to run the sales tax through your credit card so that the hold put on your credit card is released. If we do not charge any amount to your credit card after the rental, the amount we put on hold may not be released back to you for 30 days or more.
    Within 3 business days after the return of your rental item, your order will be processed and the rental amount, and if needed any cleaning or repair charges will be charged to your credit card and the balance of your security deposit will be released.

We do not have regular business hours at our location, so at the time of reservation, we schedule a pickup time with you. Please be prompt on your pickup time. If you are going to be more than 1/2 an hour late, please call us to see if that fits into our schedule. If you are early for your appointment, you may have to wait for previous appointments, on our schedule or preparations of your rental item. When the last scheduled rental leaves for the day, we often leave as well. We are closed Sundays, if you would like a Sunday rental, you will need to do a 2 day rental including Saturday. All items can be brought back on Sunday.

Please be patient and allow 1/2 hr pickup time in your schedule for campers and motorized rentals. Some items have checklists and operating instructions plus paperwork to be filled out. Our experience has been, the impatient customers often end up with some kind of damage charges, because they didn't listen to our instructions.

     All rentals are charged for time out, not for time used. We can not rent the item to someone else if it is not here. The rental period is from morning to night of the same day. There are no 24hr rental periods. If you pick an item up partway through the day and return it the next day, it will be a 2 day rental. (Exception; campers, BBQ chicken pits, and hog roaster are charged per night.)

    Boats; The #1 damage charge customers receive on powerboats and jetskis is for damage to the fiberglass or aluminum from contact with the dock, rocks, other boats, and beaching. For this reason, we do not supply dock lines without request. You may lose your entire Security Deposit and be charged additional fees for repairs, replacement, and loss of income due to downtime. We do not permit overnight docking or beaching for this reason. When the boat is not in use it should be on the trailer. You may come into the dock to load/unload passengers as long as 2 people on the dock or on the boat or jetski prevent the boat or jetski from touching the dock. Most docks are not designed properly, therefore the boat or jet ski may not be left at the dock unattended. In plain language; the boat or jet ski cannot touch anything, except the trailer bunks, or it may cause you an added expense. The 2nd most common charge is propeller damage and tow/ski ropes damage.

    Campers; The extra charges customers incur on campers include cleaning, cabinet and upholstery repairs, and canvas/vinyl repairs. The rule of thumb on the campers is "If it doesn't move easily don't force it". In other words, take a minute and figure out why it doesn't move easily.

All campers are strictly "No Pets, No Smoking".

No pets permitted on any of our boats.


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