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Nolt Ventures

You must be able to transport the ATV or Snowmobile to the riding area yourself, we do not deliver. We do have trailers for rent.


4wd 2up (2 person) ATV Rentals; Rental Rates are $185 1st day, $145 each additional day.


2up (2 person) Snowmobile Rentals; $250 1st day, $210 each additional day.

Security deposits are $500 per unit. Minimum age to rent 18, minimum age to operate 16. No passengers on single rider Snowmobiles, 1 passenger on 2up ATV's and Snowmobiles

We do not have any place to ride at our location. All ATV's or Snowmobiles must be trailered to your riding destination.

We recommend (do not require) ATV/UTV training for first time renters. You will feel much more confident and in control with proper training. And so will we! The local training facility we recommend is xplor-int.com. Please visit their website by clicking on their name. One of their locations is located in our county.​

Click on this link for a listing of Pa State Forest ATV Trails.

Private paid access ATV riding areas Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area,  

Ride Lost Trails,    Hilltop Lodge,   Majestic Trails,   Rockrun Recreation,   

Mountain Ridge ATV Trails


For Reservations please read the "Read Before You Reserve" page and the FAQ page then click the "Book Now" button or call 717-354-RENT