We are a trailer-based company/non delivery. Which means there is a greater risk of problems/damages associated with the rental. This also means there is a higher level of responsibility required from you. If you are uncomfortable with the increased responsibility/risk, please refrain from reserving rentals with us. You are welcome to use our rentals almost anywhere you like however, all items/trailers used more than 50 miles from our shop are used at your own risk and expense. We will not provide mechanical assistance, we will, however, provide phone support. We will reimburse you for parts and labor only after authorization from us to proceed with repairs and only with the return of the old parts and receipts unless, we determine the problem was caused by you. We will not reimburse any towing/recovery costs associated with the breakdown and all items/trailers must be returned to us at your expense.

Note; If you have no/minimal mechanical/electrical abilities, going a long distance from our shop may not be the best idea. Taking basic tools including a voltmeter/multimeter with you is advisable. We will be less able to provide assistance by phone if you have no tools. It we are unable to help you resolve an issue due to your lack of basic tools and a test light/voltmeter/multimeter or your refusal to go to a parts source, we will not be able to give a discount on your rental.

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   Pop-up Camper Rentals; Rental Rates are $65 per night. Minimum Rate is $100. Security deposits are $350 per unit. Pop-up campers open to 21' long, weigh 1900 lbs and have a queen bed, a double bed, and a single bed. Also include a sink, refrigerator, stove and air conditioning. A 30 amp or higher electric outlet is required to operate the AC unit. Pop-up campers require a 2" hitch ball and a  flat 4 pin light plug for towing. No hitch ball on bumper, must be receiver hitch under bumper. We do have hitch w/ball rentals for $5/rental or $28 for sale and trailer wiring adapter for free use.

Hybrid Camper Rentals; Rental rates. 1st 3 nights are $110 per night, all additional nights are $95 per night. Minimum Rate is $170. Security Deposits are $400 per unit. Hybrid campers have a queen bed, a double bed, and two single beds. Hybrid campers have a sink, refrigerator, furnace, microwave, stove, bathroom w/tub/shower, slide out and air conditioning. A 30 amp or higher electric outlet is required to operate the AC unit. Hybrid campers weigh 4500 - 4800lbs dependent on model and require a trailer brake control in your tow vehicle. (in other words, there has to be a device near the driver's seat where you have the option to take your finger and apply trailer brakes.) Please Note; We now offer a portable trailer brake control for $25. It does still require the 7RV light plug and a lighter plug in your cab. Hybrid campers are 21' -23' long when closed, 23' - 25' in use.

Hybrid campers require a 2" receiver to accommodate our weight distribution hitch and a 7RV light plug (round 7 pin plug) for towing. Also please note; if your truck's hitch receiver is more than 20" from the ground we may not be able to get our weight distribution hitch low enough to get the camper level for towing. You will also be responsible for all cleaning/damages to the front of the camper as a result of inadequate mudflaps/rock guards.

All Campers are Strictly "No Pets, No Smoking". A substantial portion of the Security Deposit will be forfeited if either is detected.

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