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                                                                Camping Checklist

Necessary Items

  • Bed Sheets to fit Queen, Double and Single Beds. No laying on mattresses without sheets.
  • Cooking/Eating Utensils
  • All items needed to set up camper are included with the camper. Hoses, cords, leveling blocks, etc.

Items to Enhance Your Camping Experience

supplied by you if desired;

  • Extension cords                                                                      Dishcloth/towels            
  • 2-3 step stool or ladder                                                           Tablecloth
  • Citronella candles (bug candles                                               Bedding  
  • Grill                                                                                          TV/DVD player
  • Tiki torches                                                                             Doormat
  • Frying pan/saucepan                                                              Lantern
  • Firewood/lighter                                                                    Roasting Forks
  • Portable Toilet*                                                                        Dish soap/hand soap
  • Toilet paper                                                                             Jackets
  • Trash bags                                                                                Raincoats
  • Sleeping bags                                                                          Umbrellas
  • Hygiene items                                                                         Lawn chairs
  • Sun Block                                                                                Bath towels/washcloths
  • Bikes*                                                                                      Swimsuits/trunks
  • Books/Magazines                                                                    Canoes/Kayaks*
  • Games                                                                                     Bee killer
  • Portable outdoor table                                                            Flyswatter
  • Paper plates, cups, plastic utensils                                         Bug spray
  • Napkins/Paper towels                                                             Rope
  • Hatchet                                                                                   Laundry pins
  • Salt and pepper                                                                      Canopy lights
  • Can opener                                                                             Tarp

*These items are available for rent. Portable toilet ($2 per night), Bikes ($10 per night), Canoes/Kayaks ($15 per night). The bikes, canoes/kayaks would need to be transported on the tow vehicle.

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