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FAQ; How far in advance do I need to reserve? This question has no proper answer. We have never come up with an algorithm or equation to predict how quickly an item will be sold out. Sorry, there is simply no way to make that call. 

FAQ; Do you offer insurance on your rental items?

Answer; No, we do not. However, we do offer a Damage Waiver, in which we would assume the damage exceeding the Security Deposit. The Damage Waiver is an additional fee, which varies on different items.

FAQ; We would like to rent from you, but you have a some bad reviews on Google.

Answer; Yes, we are aware of that and it is unfortunate. However,we have more than 400 customers per year and we have only a very small representation on Google. So as you can see the reviews are badly skewed. We will be happy to tell you our side of the story on any one of the reviews. Note; 3 of the negative reviews are from the same rental. Also 1 of the negative reviews was never our customer, we don't even know who he is.

FAQ; What year are your campers/boats? How old are they?
Answer; We do not buy any new campers or boats for the simple reason of keeping our rates where the average family/individual can afford the rental rates. If we were to buy new, we would need to charge double, triple and in some cases 4x our current rates.
We buy our campers/boats based primarily on condition and finding the right deal.
We do our own maintenance and mechanic work and do our best to maintain our equipment in good operating order.

FAQ; Do you guarantee the performance of your equipment?
Answer; No we do not. We do everything we can to maintain the equipment, but we do not use all the equipment ourselves between each rental, so unless a customer informs us of a problem, we might not be aware of a mechanical issue. Or in the case of a cosmetic item there may not be time to repair it before you pick it up.If you have a problem we will walk you through it or if we have a replacement item available you may use that item.

FAQ; Is a power boat rental something anyone can do?

Answer; Renting/operating a boat and towing a boat on a trailer, launching and retrieving a boat at the boat ramp all require a certain level of knowledge or experience. We do offer delivery and operator service during which you can gain knowledge and experience if you wish.

 FAQ; I am leaving early in the morning before you open, may I pick my item up the evening before? And if so do I get charged an extra day/night?
    Answer; There are 2 options. 1st option; If you want guaranteed pickup the evening before, you will need to pay for the extra day.
New Policy. 2nd option; If you are willing to be subject to that day's rentals, you may do so if  the item is available for 35% of the 1st day rate.This is not guaranteed. In other words, if it goes out on a rental that day, it is not available for pickup that evening. You would need to call us between 10 am and 12 noon to confirm that evenings pickup. An evening pickup is 5 - 7pm. So you will need to decide if the evening before is a convenience or a necessity.
    (Exception; campers are charged by the night, so the evening before would be considered an extra night.